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McLaughlin Family ChiropracticThank you for visiting the website of McLaughlin Family Chiropractic located at 8701 Antietam Drive in Walkersville, MD.  We understand how important it is to choose a chiropractor that is right for you. It is our belief that educating our patients is a very important part of the success we see in our office.

McLaughlin Family Chiropractic is dedicated to our philosophy of Holistic Chiropractic Care. We empower individuals to realize a healthier lifestyle through chiropractic. Dr. Mimi McLaughlin has served the Frederick, Maryland community since 1995. She has been blessed to enable life-changing healthcare for thousands of individuals, children and seniors over the last 20 years. Dr. Mimi has learned first-hand through her own medical experiences the benefits of chiropractic care.

Frederick Maryland Chiropractic Services & Workshops

Dr. Mimi’s office is located in Walkersville just minutes from Frederick, Maryland and the surrounding Maryland communities. We provide chiropractic services as well as wellness workshops and classes on site to adults, kids, pregnant women & seniors. These include:

  • Chiropractic Care
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Erchonia Laser
  • Lifestyle Advice
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Spinal and Postural Screenings
  • Weight Loss (Ideal Protein)
  • Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

The Benefits of Holistic Chiropractic Care

McLaughlin Family Chiropractic believes prevention is important to your general health and wellness and our methods do this naturally without medications or surgery. We address the underlying cause of your discomfort. For example, many physical ailments are caused by stress. Back pain can be caused by physical stress or poor posture. Neck pain can be the result of mental stress. We consider the different types of stresses you encounter in your daily life and offer you alternatives such as nutritional counseling and subluxation evaluations to combat them. These holistic chiropractic methods typically get faster results than traditional chiropractic alone and the effects of the treatment last longer.

McLaughlin Family Chiropractic can treat and provide relief to a variety of symptoms including:

  • Headaches or Migraines
  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain and Tingling
  • Fatigue
  • Chronic Sinus Issues
  • Allergies
  • Sciatica
  • Leg & Foot Pain related to pregnancy

Eliminate the endless visits to the doctor and contact us today for a complimentary consultation! Call (301) 898-8005 or email us.

Chiropractic Explained

Most people think that a chiropractor pops, cracks or snaps back pain away, but there is so much more to the profession. In 1895 the first chiropractic adjustment was delivered to a man that had lost the ability to hear in one of his ears.  Following an adjustment to his spine the man explained that his hearing had been restored.  While this is not the most common result of chiropractic care it is an example of one of the many conditions chiropractic care has helped over the last century.

Chiropractic is a type of health care that works with the nervous system as well as the musculoskeletal system. Doctors of chiropractic are trained to diagnose and treat injuries and disorders that involve the nervous system, muscles and bones. Chiropractors in Walkersville work directly with the spine to remove any interference that may be preventing the body to heal itself and to restore natural processes within the body. Like all other areas in health care, new patients will undergo a consultation that involves reviewing past and current health conditions, medications and surgeries as well as a physical examination. Once this process is completed our team will use all of the information to establish a diagnosis and create an individualized treatment plan.

Chiropractic is not limited to people suffering from back pain in Walkersville. There are a myriad of different conditions that chiropractic care has been shown to be helpful for. At McLaughlin Family Chiropractic, we have a large number of patients that see us as a part of their wellness lifestyle. Receiving regular chiropractic adjustments can help the body function at its optimal potential.

Chiropractic is just as much about preventing injury and disease as it is about relieving pain from existing conditions. Chiropractic adjustments can help to decrease the stress that is put on the nervous system thereby allowing the body to function closer to it's full capacity. There is also no age limit when it comes to chiropractic care.

If you want to find out if chiropractic care is right for you, please give us a call today. Our team at McLaughlin Family Chiropractic in Walkersville is here for you.

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McLaughlin Family Chiropractic
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Around 3 months ago I went to have a nerve test done to access the numbness and pain I have been dealing with for the last year or so. The conclusion was...
Very friendly and efficient office.
Wow! Strained back. Literally on my back for a week. Dr. Mimi's magic hands had me walking straight and without pain after 1st visit. Can't express my...
Dr. Mimi and her entire staff are an amazing asset to our community and the Chiropractic field. Convenient office hours, superb care and customer service,...
I came back to McLaughlin Chiropractic in December 2015 after I fell and injured my back. I had previously been a patient 10+ years ago.Chiropractic...
Always awesome adjustment! Friendly staff!
I totally agree with other patients who talk about Dr. Mimi's remarkable staff. My transformative experience with Mclaughlin Chiropractic has been such an...
Dr. Mimi and her staff are the best! I will never go to another chiropractor. Thank you Dr. Mimi, Vita and Deborah! I love you!Best, Bryan Baker
Mimi and her team are always so positive and upbeat. I look forward to every adjustment to help my body become healthier.
I had a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction last year. I had lost some mobility. Dr Mimi has helped my recovery tremendously. I started seeing her after...
The Mimi Team gets the GOLD!!! I remember just a few months visiting her for a pain I did not think would go away and in just 2 sessions, pain was gone and I...
Since i have been using Mimi, which is about 4 years now. I have found my lifestyle improved. I attribute this to the her excellent work on my body and her...
Dr. Mimi and the staff are professional, caring and friendly. Service is fast and effective. I feel so much better so I know where to go if and when I need...
Dr Mimi and her staff are always positive and encouraging. They make it a pleasure to get adjusted.
Great office staff and very professional. Dr. Mimi definitely knows what's she's doing and she gets great results!
The staff was so friendly and the adjustments made my back feel like new. I would have loved to continue going but moved away. I like the flexibility with...
Everyone seems to enjoy coming here. They get in and out, not wasting any time. The staff is welcoming, explains what will be happening, and is very...
Great doctor, great hands, great mind and a caring thoughtfull style.I would refer my friends, family and patients to her.Having MImi is a choice you will...
First class all the way. Dr Mimi and here staff are professional AND personable. I always feel well-cared for there.
Dr. Mimi and her staff are great. I look forward to working with them on my clients' injury cases in Frederick County.
Dr. Mimi is great! She's friendly and engaging as is her staff. Her care is exceptional. The open environment and style of care is refreshing. She is mindful...
5 Star professional service! Dr Mimi elicits positive energy through chiropractic care AND an upbeat positive mental approach to enabling the body to heal...
Been getting adjusted for over 2 years now, never been better, never get sick anymore. Can't ask for a friendlier and more knowledgeable office. Absolutely...
During my numerous visits to see Dr. Mimi I have always left better than before I saw her. She is a great chiropractor with a great knowledge base to share.
I have always received great benefit from Dr. Mimi's adjustments. She's fantastic!
During my numerous visits to see Dr. Mimi I have always left better than before I saw her. She is a great chiropractor with a great knowledge base to share.
Dr. Mimi is a fantastic chiropractor and she's great with kids too. I have always benefited greatly from her adjustments.
The experience was wonderful. Dr. Mimi took the time to educate me about my problems but also as to the cause and why chiropractic is so important. The...
Dr Mimi is a leader in chiropractic! Her passion is contagious!
Dr. Mimi, is such pleasure to visit, not only does she make you feel better with her adjustment, she cheer you up with her happy personality.
Dr. Mimi McLaughlin is a wonderful and highly competent chiropractor that exudes warmth and care at each appointment. I sought her help a year ago because I...
give it a try today excellent staff and excellent adjustments excellent results
Was referred to Dr. Mimi a few weeks ago... so far so good. I can count on walking in and out with a smile. I can't wait to see how my life will change for...


“Dr. Mimi’s positive outlook and cheery personality are contagious and then she gives you an adjustment and the world is even better!”

- Kathleen W.

“I can count on walking in and out with a smile. I can’t wait to see how my life will change for the better after I get more adjustments under my belt.”

- Allison R.

“Dr. Mimi is an extremely talented chiropractor with a caring heart. Thanks for all the help!”

- Andrew W.

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8701 Antietam Drive

Walkersville, MD 21793