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McLaughlin Family ChiropracticWelcome to McLaughlin Family Chiropractic!! We're so glad that you chose to come to see us so you can see if we can help you experience optimal health - without the use of drugs and surgery. We've helped thousands of people have optimal health through taking a detailed consultation, examination and x-rays. From this information, we determine what someone wants to be able to accomplish with their renewed health. We use a multifaceted approach by using primarily chiropractic adjustments which reduce the stress on the nervous system to every organ, tissue and cell of the body. In doing so the body is able to heal naturally. We also work to restore optimal curves in the spine to reduce disc degeneration. In conjunction with chiropractic, we also use intersegmental traction, cold laser, trigger point work, spinal curve restoration and exercise.

A patient would find us on the north east side of Frederick. We are past the Wegman's shopping center about 3 miles, up Route 26, then going on Route 194, directly across from Walkersville High school.

I decided to practice as a chiropractor in Walkersville because I wanted to be closer to my family. I grew up in Ramsey, NJ where I was the second of seven children. I had been in chiropractic school (after undergrad at Fordham University) in Atlanta GA for four years. Then I took a job in Memphis TN. After two years of working in TN, I decided I needed to get closer to home. I felt that there were a significant number of chiropractors in NJ so I though another area would be good. My sister, Kelly, was just finishing her Masters degree at Mount St. Mary's. I thought it would be great to be in Maryland with my sister. I took the exam, passed and soon was on my way to Maryland. I decided on the northern part of Frederick because I felt it had a nice hometown feel. There's a nice balance of people from the farming community as well as people that commute to D.C. and Baltimore.

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McLaughlin Family Chiropractic
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Our office has been an integral part of the Frederick community for over 21 years. We give back and are involved in many organization in Frederick to empower our community. We regularly do health talks and screenings with the Frederick County public schools, libraries, churches,service organizations and corporations to raise up the level of health and wellness in our county. In doing so, we've helped thousands of people be their best - without drugs and surgery. People get their zest for life back by being patients at our office.

In Frederick, we help lots of people with sciatic, neck pain, headaches, low back pain, arthritis, sinus issues, headaches and carpal tunnel, just to name a few.

People think chiropractic is only for back pain and neck pain and it's only good if you're in debilitating pain. So often people wait and disregard aches and pains. They may take advil and tylenol and just live with the pain. They don't realize that they can live a much better life - naturally!!

People should check out our website and email or call us with any questions. Also, we invite you to come into our office for a complimentary consultation to determine if chiropractic can help you have optimal health without drugs and surgeries.

Call us today to see how we can help you!


“Dr. Mimi’s positive outlook and cheery personality are contagious and then she gives you an adjustment and the world is even better!”

- Kathleen W.

“I can count on walking in and out with a smile. I can’t wait to see how my life will change for the better after I get more adjustments under my belt.”

- Allison R.

“Dr. Mimi is an extremely talented chiropractor with a caring heart. Thanks for all the help!”

- Andrew W.

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8701 Antietam Drive

Walkersville, MD 21793