Chiropractic Benefits in Walkersville

Chiropractic Benefits in Walkersville

How does Chiropractic Care relate to physical symptoms?

Have you ever wondered how a pounding headache or sinus problems could be related to a misaligned spine? The explanation is simple. Every organ in your body is controlled by your nervous system and your spine houses your nervous system. When nerves in the spinal column become pinched or impinged, a number of symptoms can develop. Different areas of the spine control the health of associated areas of the body. Basically here is how this works:

Headaches – Tension Headaches/Migraines

Headaches can be triggered by many factors such as insomnia, blood sugar changes, foods, noises, & stress to name a few. Primary headaches are those categorized as tension, migraine or cluster headaches. These types of headaches are primarily associated with muscle tension in the neck. Spending hours in front of a computer screen or in a fixed position aggravates the neck, shoulder and back areas leading to increased joint irritation and muscle tension in these areas. This ultimately can lead to the pounding headache you are experiencing.
A holistic chiropractor like Dr. Mimi at McLaughlin Family Chiropractic can evaluate your lifestyle and triggers. Traditional spinal manipulation or adjustments can be performed to improve and alleviate your physical stresses. Dr. Mimi goes even further. She can provide nutritional counseling and offer advice to improve posture & relaxation to relieve your body’s stresses.


Headaches – Sinus Issues

Sinus headaches are commonly related to the increase of pressure in the sinus cavity caused by poorly draining sinuses. However, this is not the only contributing factor to sinus headaches. Misaligned or subluxated vertebrae can create nerve pressure in the neck region and create the same sinus headache pain. A simple chiropractic treatment to the neck region can remove the pressure and tension allowing the sinuses to open and drain properly. This procedure is safe and effective without any harmful side effects.


Allergy Relief

Now I know you are wondering how chiropractic care can help you with allergies. Your relief lies within the care of your nervous system. Chiropractic removes the subluxation (interferences to your nervous system) and consequently boosts your immune system. There is a direct pathway between the nervous system and the immune system. If a road block occurs in the nervous system, symptoms present themselves. Removing the same road block alleviates these symptoms. Ultimately, your healthy, well-functioning immune system produces less allergy symptoms.


Tingling or Numbness in Extremities

If you are experiencing tingling, numbness or pain in your legs, feet, arms, or hands, you may actually have a pinched nerve. A pinched nerve often occurs at the spine and migrates to upper and lower extremities. A chiropractor can perform an adjustment to realign the spine and alleviate the nerve irritation.


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