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While you are in our office, we will coach and monitor on exercises that will performed during your appointment. You will also leave with an at-home exercise plan that will support and enable your progress.

Corrective exercises are beneficial to your chiropractic care. They strengthen muscles, maintain spinal alignment, decrease muscle tightness and prevent premature spinal degeneration. Many exercises target to strengthen the core muscles (stomach and back areas) and aid to maintain correct posture.

Dr. Mimi understands the importance an at-home exercise plan is to your success. As a chiropractor in the Frederick, Maryland area, she has successfully helped many clients. Call McLaughlin Chiropractic at 301-898-8005 or complete our online contact form for your next chiropractor appointment and corrective exercise plan.

With the addition of many people working at computers for many hours each day, it is especially important to support the body in this way. Some of our most popular complimentary workshops teach you how to create an optimal work environment, and take effective breaks to engage your body in it’s best posture. They include: Being Fit while You Sit, Core Exercise, and Changing Habits.

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“Dr. Mimi’s positive outlook and cheery personality are contagious and then she gives you an adjustment and the world is even better!”

- Kathleen W.

“I can count on walking in and out with a smile. I can’t wait to see how my life will change for the better after I get more adjustments under my belt.”

- Allison R.

“Dr. Mimi is an extremely talented chiropractor with a caring heart. Thanks for all the help!”

- Andrew W.

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