The Subluxation Station­™ In Walkersville

The Subluxation Station­™ In Walkersville

Two frequent questions chiropractic patients have are “Why do I need to keep coming back if the pain is gone?” and “How do I know I’m getting the right amount of adjustments?”

Since symptoms, such as pain, are the last to show and the first to go, it is important to be able to monitor your Central Nervous System to detect problems or potential problems before you begin showing symptoms – and after your symptoms have gone.

The Subluxation Station™ gives us a way to do this. This state-of-the-art technology allows us to objectively

  • detect areas of nerve disturbance
  • document and monitor your results (in a way you can see)
  • and deliver the appropriate chiropractic care

How does it work?

The Subluxation Station tests measure important information from your Central Nervous System.

  • The amount of electrical current in your muscles
    Misalignments disturb the way the nerves function, which causes an abnormal amount of electrical current to flow to your muscles
  • Muscle balance
    The vertebrae in your spine depend on your muscles to move properly. If one or more vertebrae are out of alignment nerve function will be disturbed. The resulting disturbance of electrical current causes the muscles on either side of the spine to become imbalanced.
  • Skin temperature along your spine
    Your blood vessels are controlled by the Central Nervous System. When communication between the Nervous System and the blood vessels is disturbed, it causes your body’s natural thermostat to “malfunction” – producing an imbalanced temperature reading along your spine
  • Your spine’s range of movement
    Think of your car’s front end – when out of alignment it limits the proper movement of the tires, causing uneven wear. Similarly, when your vertebrae are misaligned the movement of your spine is restricted. This causes irritation that, if left unchecked, can have a negative affect on the areas above and below the misaligned area.


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